If you want to be a hit in wedding photography, you need to learn the intricacies of the inner workings of natural light.

wedding photographyWhat you need to understand when it all comes down to it is the fact that this is something that a lot of wedding photographers really swear by with. This is why you should seriously try it out and try to learn as much about it as you possibly can. Natural light really can bring out the best features of someone’s face. More than that, natural light takes next to nothing to set up. It is something that is already there in the first place. It really is more of making do or working with what you are being handed with in the first place. Natural light is something that can really make the entire scene pan out awash in all of the softness and broadness of really flattering light and that is something that you should really be able to take advantage of if you want your wedding photography shoot to turn out as a success. Observe natural light as much as you can in your daily life. It’s not an easy thing to figure out but you’ll get the hang of it the harder that you work on it.

Get a wedding photography contract set up.

A contract is something that can really formalize the wedding photography agreement that you are trying to draw up for your clients. You need to make sure that you are able to more or less cover all of the bases just so that you can get all of the possible risks mitigated as much as possible when it all comes down to it. Write a contract up and make sure that it is iron clad and fool proof as much as possible. If you aren’t too confident about your contract writing skills, then you should bring in the services of a professional lawyer. Get it proofread and make sure that everything is written out and laid out in the best possible way so that you and your business will always be protected when it all comes down to it.

You need to list down a timeline for the wedding photography project to make sure that you are always right on topic and to make sure that you will never veer too much away from what you are supposed to focus on. Planning really is your key to success when it comes to writing up the wedding photography timeline. Sure, there may be spontaneous events and moments in the wedding and although you should also make sure that they are well documented, your main focus should still be your timeline. You need to make sure that you are able to follow through on it no matter what happens. Talk to the bride because the bride is usually the best person to talk to with regards to sequences and timelines for the wedding.

Be prepared for any wedding photography emergencies.

They can happen all the time and any time and you need to have something to help solve it. Get some stain remover, some pins, some hair ties or so, and then a decorative hanger or so together for your emergency kit.


Take the time to get the vendor list together for your blog.

weddingsAs a wedding photographer, this is your chance to network out to the other people in the wedding service industry. The vendor list is basically just a list of the names of all of the wedding service providers that you have worked with in the wedding event. You should put in the live links that lead right up to their blogs as well on the side. This is a little bit of effort that a lot of people will really be able to appreciate. Surprisingly enough for you, people will be quite excited to return the favor for you and feature you as well in their blogs. Go around during the wedding. Just walk up to people and introduce yourself briefly. Exchange contact info or business cards and catalog all of the info that you have managed to collect. This will make things so much easier for you to get all of their info together. If the couple hired a wedding planner for the event, it will save you so much more time if you just talk to the wedding planner instead because they most likely have all of the wedding service providers’ info. Send them an email once you have posted your blog up telling them that they are part of the feature. They will most likely promote you in their pages as well. You are basically putting in the first piece of the domino and things will just start to roll from there.

Announce your new blog post on your social media accounts.

It will help improve your online presence as a Hertfordshire wedding photographer. Social media continues to be a bit of an underrated marketing platform that people tend to more or less are taking for granted and you should not be making this kind of mistake. Work on your social media presence and take things a day at a time. Your hard work will get to pay off in the long run and this is something that will really help give you the boost that you need.

Work on your image layout.

Every wedding photographer should know how to lay out his images correctly. Learn the mechanics of a professional looking image layout. There are a lot of online courses as well as wedding photography magazines and blogs that might teach you a thing or two about the right way for you to lay your images out. There are some images that deserve to be posted in full size while there are some that don’t. Take note of the little things because they will eventually pay off for you.

Tag your images included in your blog as a wedding photographer.

Put in the extra amount of effort to really tag the images that you post so that Google will be able to find a way to index your images so that people looking up searches that are more or less similar to your tags will be able to find your blog at the end of the day.


Ask for referrals from your other wedding photography clients.

wedding photographySometimes, all it really takes for you to close your next big client just right after you have finished off a job with a previous one would be for you to have a little bit of audacity to ask your previous client if there are any recommendations that he or she can make for your next booking. You have to keep in mind that most of these couples get married at roughly around the same phase in their lives, late 20s and early 30s. This stage in their lives is the perfect marrying age and they usually have friends and family at around the same age bracket so it is the perfect source for you to tap into. Strike while the iron is hot and take advantage of the timing wherein they are still quite over the moon about the results of your wedding photography shoot. This is something that you will really be able to profit a lot from for as long as you know how to lay your cards down on the table and that is the long and short of it all.

Let your wedding photography subjects have fun every once in a while.

Weddings are celebrations of two people coming together. Although it would be nice if you could more or less stick to a certain schedule of events, you will still need to leave some room behind for a little fun every now and then. If you want your images to come off with a spontaneous kind of vibe, then you will need to let spontaneous things happen as well. Natural looking photos are only of any value if they have a ring of authenticity to them at the end of the day and that is something that you should be aiming for as much as possible. Let people go through the usual chatter and fun and ruckus that usually come along with weddings and be there to document the moments as they pass by. This really is the best part of the whole setup and this is the best approach that you could ever go for.

Check out the wedding photo shoot in various angles.

The wedding photo shoot is something that you should have the right kind of variety into it and it is something that you should aim for if you can help it. Change up the angles as much as you can. Like a York wedding photographer, get up close and don’t be embarrassed if you need to be in weird looking positions like having to squat or having to lie on your belly just to get that perfect shot. Use different kind of lenses and play around with them as much as you possibly can. Make sure that you know how the lenses work and know the intricate details that come along with them. Take your time to really practice and to get to know how things work and how they don’t.

Seize the moment to take a breather in your wedding photography shoot.

Identify certain moments in the wedding wherein you don’t have to be behind your camera all of the time. Pick the moments for you to be able to relax every now. You will need to conserve your focus and your energy as much as possible.


Take out the color in your baby photography shoot.

baby photography shootOne aspect that you should play around with in your photo shoot is the black and white color scheme. Shooting the photos in black and white can really soften the details around the edges. It is something that works really well and can really complement the innocence and vulnerability of babies. Also, babies will usually have a lot of skin issues during the first few months of their lives. Shooting the picture in black and white will take care of any pigmentation and blemish issues. and so, when it all comes down to it, not only will you be getting classy looking pictures that will look like they can span across generations, you will also be able to take care of any image issues at the same time when you should in black and white. You don’t have to shoot the entire project in black and white, mind you. Just include a bunch of them in the shoot. The parents will really get to appreciate the variety that those pictures will be able to bring into the mix.

Use indirect lighting for baby photography projects.

This will certainly come as no surprise. When it all comes down to it, babies do not like any kind of artificial lighting. Flash photography can startle them out of sleep. Harsh overhead lighting can irritate them just as much as well. This is something that you should avoid from using as much as possible. If you can help it, try to use natural light as much as you can all throughout your baby photography shoot. Position your shooting area near windows or doors or any kinds of openings that will let sunlight go through one way or the other. Natural light is perfect for baby photography because it provides a broad light source that is soft. It can bring out the best features in the photos that you are taking and more than that, it does not require any additional effort for you to be able to get a hold of it because it is something that occurs naturally.

Film the baby photography in continuous mode.

Shooting a baby photography project can be tricky because the most precious looking photos can happen any moment and you run the risk of losing a lot of them if you do not run them in continuous shooting mode. It will mean that you will have to deal with a whole bunch of pictures but at the end of the day, you can always pick out what you think will work best for your project. And choice is always so much better than missing any possibly crucial moments during the photo shoot. Figure out the continuous shooting mode function way ahead of time so that you do not have to waste time trying to set it up during the baby photo shoot.

Find all of the right angles in baby photography. Always experiment around and do not be afraid to try new things out every now and then. Check out a low perspective, a high perspective, a perspective from the side, and so on and so forth.


Be bold enough to ask your clients for any other wedding photography business they can bring your way.

photography tipsIf you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are able to really put your best foot forward during a wedding photography shoot, then there should be no reason for you to hesitate about asking for any possible recommendations from your current and previous clients. Ask them if they have any other people they know who might have some kind of need for your services in your wedding photography. This very simple question might just land you your next big client. This is something that can really work to your advantage when it all comes down to it. It is a very simple thing to do and something that will reap you great rewards if things work out for you at some point or so. Constantly be in touch with your clients both past and present just for them to have you in mind all of the time in case the chance pops up.

Let people have fun during the wedding photography shoot.

Weddings are celebrations by design. This is something that you will need to remember all of the time while you are planning things out. Sure, it is still quite crucial for you to make sure that you are able to stick to some kind of a sequence or itinerary for the different moments that need to be documented one way or the other, you will also need to make sure that you leave some room for the fun photos as well. People attend weddings not because they want to be instructed what to do line by line, every step of the way. People go to weddings because they want to be a part of the wedding celebrations. The best way for you to produce those natural looking photos is for you to let things flow and happen naturally.

Be creative with the angles that you put in on your wedding photography shoot.

Taking all of your photos from the same angle all of the time will make your photos come off looking boring and all the same. That is not the kind of output you are looking for when it all comes down to it. Check different available angles and try to take your photos differently every time. This way, you will be able to inject some sort of variety in the images that you are able to take at the end of the day. Move around a lot and be experimental with the images that you take. Don’t be afraid to squat or to get in funny looking positions if it means that you will be able to get great looking photos in the process.

Learn how to identify the best opportunities for you to relax during the shooting of the wedding.

You do not have to be in position and to click away during all of the hours of the wedding. You should pick out some instances wherein you don’t have to work all the time. Weddings are long events. You need to catch your breath every once in a while.


weddingDo not leave out the elders of the family in the wedding photography shoot.

More often than not, a lot of people forego the most important guests in the wedding, the older members of the family. As the official Orange County wedding photographer, you will need to make sure that you give due attention to the older members of the family who matter the most to the bride and to the groom. Take note of the grandparents, aunts and uncles and so on and so forth who are close to their hearts and make sure that you are able to document the special moments during the wedding. You have to understand that when it all comes down to it, these older members of the family have very little time left in this world and their presence in important family events such as weddings and such so you need to make sure that you get their pictures taken as a part of your wedding photography shoot.

Master the perfect recipe for the use of natural light for wedding photography.

Natural light is one of the most perfect backdrops that you could ever get for your wedding photography shoot. You need to make sure that you are able to do everything that you possibly can to make sure that you get to perfect the recipe needed to make your photos shine through with the use of natural light. Observe natural light in your daily life. Do not pass up the opportunity to learn something every single day. Put in your practice shots as much as possible and bring your camera with you every day. Take the time to see how natural light works with other elements in the environment such the time of the day that you’re in, dust, and rain, and so on and so forth.

As an expert in wedding photography, you should know how to dress appropriately.

Dressing appropriately comes with the territory. What you need to understand is that whether you would like to admit it or not; you need to dress to impress your clients during the wedding photography shoots that you are trying to cover at some point or so. The best kind of dress code that you can go for is business casual. It is something that is simple to bring together. You most likely already have the most basic of pieces existing in your closet right at this very moment. Go for colors that are either neutral or dark and try to stay away from any kinds of prints or patterns. You would not want to go for anything too crazy or anything that might attract too much attention to yourself. You need something that can fly under the radar as much as possible.

Have enough foresight to bring along a step tool, a ladder or any kind of tool that will help you elevate the angle view of the camera. Having an elevated line of sight can help you out a lot in putting in some kind of variety in your images.


wedding photographyEstablish a consistent wedding photography workflow.

You have to understand that right after the wedding photography shoot, you have a very limited time window to work on touching up the photos and actually delivering them to the clients who you are working for. Make sure that you are able to get your hands on a fairly efficient photo editing software such as Aperture or Lightroom. This will make things so much easier for you and for the photos that you are trying to work on. You will be dealing with a lot of pictures in huge batches. You will simply not have enough time to go through them one by one if you do not establish some kind of working setup beforehand. You have to edit them fast and try to veer away from any kinds of distractions during this period of time because you have to make the cut and deliver on the promised timeline that you have assured your clients during the wedding photography agreement.

Work on side projects other than wedding photography that will keep you inspired and interested.

You will need to keep yourself inspired all of the time and get creative. Your creativity and the things that keep you excited for photography is something that can really set you apart from the rest of the competition in the wedding photography niche. You will need to make sure that you are able to work on it night and day to make sure that you are able to maintain some kind of standard to the kind of art and taste that you are able to bring in to your wedding photography projects. One way for you to be able to go about this would be for you to follow the blogs of the wedding photographers who inspire you through their works. There is a pretty good chance that they have their own projects on the side and that is something that you can pick up on at some point or so. A great example is the blog website

Maximize the use of social media to help boost your wedding photography business.

Social media is something that can really bolster the popularity of your posts and of the content that you bring in to the mix. Make sure that this is something that you are able to really work on one way or the other. It is not the easiest thing to do in the world but with the right amount of hard work and strategy and time put into it, then you should be able to reap the benefits of a well established social media account in the long run.

Improve on your strengths and outsource the things that you are weak with.

You are only human. There really is no shame in admitting that you cannot do everything all at once. You’re good in wedding photography that is something that you should focus on and continuously improve on a daily basis. On the other hand, if there are things that you know you are really not that much of an expert of, then you should hire them out and leave them to the professionals.


wedding photography tips1. Get a second wedding photographer to help you cover the event.

If you are a new wedding photographer and you do not really get to have the luxury of liquid cash just yet, it can be quite tempting to just face the bull head on and skip out of hiring or getting a second wedding photographer altogether. However, you should know well ahead of time that that can be an extremely bad and short sighted idea. You need the second shooter for a whole bunch of different reasons, the first one being that you get to take care of the second camera issue right then and there. Most professional photographers, even just those who have enough down time to be second shooters, bring along their own cameras. That means that you are able to bring a solution to not just the second shooter issue but to the second camera issue as well. A second shooter will also work well for you because you will get to focus more on your must-have list of shots, making sure that you do not miss any of those important moments you have listed with the bride, while the second shooter covers the rest of the groundwork.

2. Do not allow yourself to run out of batteries.

A wedding photographer reading who runs out of batteries during his wedding photo shoot is an irresponsible one. Do not be an irresponsible wedding photographer and always pack for the long haul. Weddings last for hours and hours on end. You should foresee this and prepare for this no matter what happens. You should buy around two extra batteries per camera and make sure that they are all fully charged. If you want to really be extra careful and make sure that you never run out at all, you should set up a charging station at the venue that you are working in. it should allow you to simultaneously charge the batteries that do go out, making sure that you have fresh supply all of the time. You have to remember that your services come with a very hefty price tag. You have to make your clients feel that you are worth every single red cent at the end of the day.

3. Do not run out of memory space.

Like the batteries, you should also never allow yourself to run out of memory space. Buy a whole lot of high quality memory cards and make sure that you are able to routinely wipe them before every use just to make sure that you are able to maximize the space. Well maintained memory cards are also less likely to get corrupted so you are guaranteed that your image files will be safer if you keep them in shape all of the time.

4. Make sure that you are able to take the family photos.

A wedding is a union between two families. Try to remember that while you are coming up with your list of shots. You should take particular interest in the family photos because when it all comes down to it, they are actually the shots that matter the most to the bride and groom.


commercial photographyKnow your clients

If you want to be able to start your way right with commercial photography, then you will need to make sure that you are able to really manage the expectations of the clients that you are working with. Sit them down and really have a lengthy discussion with them. Listen to what they have to say. If they have a vision for the commercial photography project, then you should figure out a parallel field of vision or perception. Talk things out as much as possible. Get a pretty clear picture about what they would like to get done and figure out a way for you to really deliver on what your clients are asking for when it all comes down to it. You will need to discuss things with them in black and white. Commercial photographers need to make sure that there are no gray areas in between and make sure that at some point or so, they know exactly what they are getting out of the deal and what they will not be getting out of the deal. You cannot afford any unpleasant surprises in between and you should opt out of it as much as possible.

Determine intended use

You need to make sure that you are more or less able to determine the intended use for the images. This is the most pivotal aspect for deciding on how the rest of all of the other chips will get to fall at some point or so. The intended use for the images should be your basis on how you should quote the entire commercial photography project. A project can vary greatly from being in a local newspaper ad to an actual national billboard and you should adjust your preparations and pricing accordingly. You will also have to worry about learning about things such as license rights, usage rights, and so on and so forth when it all comes down to it.

Quote appropriately

Commercial photography is also all about quoting your services appropriately at the end of the day. You will need to quote accordingly in such a way wherein the quote should not be low enough to such a point wherein the clients will doubt the quality of your service and you end up losing out on profits but not too high to the point wherein you end up scaring them off or getting them turned off. The pricing needs to be just right and it needs to be perfect enough to suit the nature of the commercial photography project, cover all of your overhead costs, and still leave behind a comfortable enough margin of profit.

Preparation is the key to everything.

You will need to make sure that you are able to map things out ahead of time. Anticipate everything that you will need to anticipate so that you do not end up being caught right in the middle of a surprising circumstance that you are not equipped to handle because you did not foresee it. Pack all of the right gear, bring in the accessories that you need, and always set your contingencies down well ahead of time.

Do sign offs

Have the clients do sign offs if they are available during the commercial photography shoot. You need to make sure that you are doing things right so that you do not have to go through any repeat sessions to correct any mistakes.


wedding photographerAs a wedding photographer, you should focus on getting more training and more education to help you improve in your craft.

You should not be satisfied with where you are now. There is always more room for improvement and there should always be a reason for you to get up in the morning and to keep moving forward one way or the other. This is something that you should continuously work on all of the time. One of the best ways for you to do this would be for you to research the best photography courses out there and check out which one works for you the most. This is something that costs a lot of money so you need to review all of the different aspects that come along with it before you make the decision to enroll. What you can be quite rest assured of though is the fact that this will pay off in the future. Your technical skills will be your main competitive edge over the rest of the other wedding photographers out there.

Find a fellow wedding photographer who can help you out while you are still starting out in your career.

It is not easy for you to find your way through something that you do not really have a lot of experience in. That is why you need the guidance and the support of more established or more seasoned wedding photographers than you. You need to get out there and get your feet wet before you actually start booking clients. And even during your career as a wedding photographer, it helps a lot if you more or less have people whom you can share ideas and interests with and volley arguments back and forth with on a more professional level or plane. Meet with your mentor at least once a month just to keep you abreast of any updates and of any additional technical skills that you can learn at some point or so.

Don’t be worried if you get entry level jobs at first.

Most wedding photographers did not start out as hotshots in their field. You should be willing to work your way up. The bottom is not the most glamorous place to start but it certainly is a start and the rest really pretty much depends on you and the amount of work that you are willing to put into your career development as a wedding photographer. Even if your first few side jobs are not exactly in the wedding photography field, for as long as you get to learn something about photography one way or the other, you should not pass it up. You have to understand that a lot of clients will not exactly jump on the chance to hire you just yet because of your lack of experience. Take this phase in and allow yourself to soak in all of the possible experience that you can get your hands on until such time wherein your clients will feel confident enough to hire you out for big wedding photography projects.

There are no shortcuts to success as a wedding photographer hampshire. Work hard on it and let time be your best ally.