Lake Como wedding photographers are known for their attention to detail and tremendous technique.

weddingThis is something that you can attain by attending photography school or receiving formal education in photography. Although you may be a fairly new wedding photographer and you don’t really have the necessary amount of experience to back you up so that you can compete with the rest of the other wedding photographers out there. One thing that you can do that can more or less help you level the playing field a bit would be for you to enroll yourself in a photography course that will give you added knowledge and training that you can use during the weddings that you need to shoot. This is something that you will need to think about at first though because a photography course can cost a lot of money. It will also require you to invest your limited and precious time in it. It comes with a lot of other requirements and resources that you may not be all that ready to shell out. You have to think about the particular theme of the course, the skill level, the background of the instructor who will be conducting the classes, whether you would like to take regular classes or just opt for more convenient online ones, and so on and so forth. This is something that you should seriously consider especially if you are thinking about doing this or having this as a career on a more long term basis.

Get one of those wedding photographers to mentor you as well.

Nothing could be better than learning about things first hand. Although you can always go about it and learn things all by yourself, given the fact that most of the other wedding photographers you know that are out there and making good in the industry are also self taught, it is always different when you have someone more experienced and someone who knows the ropes of the industry to go ahead and guide you as you go along and make certain decisions in your career. There will always be some hiccups and some detours somewhere along the way and these are things that you will be able to avoid or circumvent if you have a mentor who will be more than willing to give you precious career advice, saving you time and frustration. You don’t need to make the same mistakes that others have made in order for you to learn something from them. If there are mentors who are willing to impart with the knowledge and expertise they know about the industry, then by all means, you should go ahead with it.

Get as much experience as you possibly can.

Those Lake Como wedding photographers did not have it easy when they were starting out and you will not have it easy either. Experience is something that you will need to work out and work through with at the end of the day so get this checked out as much as possible.


Aim to tell a story with the shots that you get to take as a wedding photographer in Dundee.

wedding photographyWhen you are constantly working on bringing together a bigger picture through a progression of the shots that you make as a wedding photographer, you get to inject relative sense and even a certain feeling of conclusion by the end of the coverage. This is what reportage wedding photography is all about. It should be far more than just the aspect of taking great looking pictures somewhere along the way. You should also make sure that more than anything else, you are sending a very clear message. That message will only be brought across if you get to ensure that no matter what happens, you paint a certain backdrop through the shots that you are taking. Great looking composite shots look great but they won’t really mean anything to the readers or to the audience who are anticipating that sort of progression somewhere along the way. You need to understand this more than ever. You need to know that no matter what happens, you need to constantly step up the game at some point or so.

Check out the details of the photos as much as possible.

A professional wedding photographer in Dundee should always have a keen eye out for things like that. Details are everything. In fact, it would be even fairly safe to say that details are the bread and butter of most of the wedding photographers out there. If this is not something that you are particularly strong with, then you need to start getting to work already because you have a lot of things ahead of you. Details can make your photos stand out from the rest. More than that, if you are looking for something that can go ahead and serve as some kind of glue that will more or less bring everything together when it all comes down to it, then it would have to be the details that you are checking out at some point or so. The easiest way for you to bring in detailed shots would be for you to come in early for the wedding event. Make sure that you get to have the place all to yourself when there aren’t any guests in it yet. You will find this somewhat liberating and conducive for your creative shots in Dundee wedding photography.

Incorporate the walking routine when you are running out of ideas.

Walking might seem and sound cliché but it really is the way to go especially when you don’t really know how to get things started just yet. The thing about reportage wedding photography is that it is actually something that sort of snowballs once things get started. It is usually the starting part that is the hardest or the most difficult to figure out and this is something that you seriously need to go ahead and check out as much as you possibly can.

Be sensitive to your subjects’ needs.

Try to see if they are comfortable with the setup. If they aren’t, then go out of your way to do something about it. Comfortable subjects photograph well and this is what you should always aim for in all of your photo shoots.


Dress well.

wedding photography tipsWedding photographers are required to really dress well during a wedding photo shoot. This is the kind of thing that you should be paying attention to if you would like to make sure that you will be able to go ahead and make a good impact or a pretty good impression on your clients as well as on the rest of the wedding guests in attendance.  Go for the right kind of dress code when you are attending wedding photo shoots. Make it a point to always call your clients ahead of time so that you will be able to know what dress code they require from the guests who will be attending the wedding. Make sure that you look sharp and on point all of the time. Wedding photographers are professionals. This means that being one, you will be required to look as such as well. Make sure that your clothes are ironed out with not a wrinkle in site. Make sure that it is clean all of the time. Meticulously take care of any stains that you might have and make sure that your clothes are kept clean and pristine all of the time.

Don’t over shoot.

The wedding day event can be a little big and a little overwhelming at times and this is something that you will need to brace yourself for as a wedding photographer. One thing that keeps most wedding photographers grounded is the aspect of keeping a three-click rule when they are shooting pictures. You should go ahead and do the same thing as well. Shoot three pictures of the same scene and composition and then move on from there. Move on to the next composition that you would like to take or incorporate. This will ensure that you do not end up with a surplus of all of the same looking photos. It will be very time consuming and challenging for you to go through with the moment that you get to the post processing part of the coverage. You have to keep in mind that most of the work you will be bringing in will mostly be based off of the editing process. Having too many pictures can seriously impede your progress somewhere along the way. People tend to get antsy and bored when you shoot too many pictures of them all from one angle.

Be there in advance.

This is one of the best kent wedding photography tips shared around. You need time to assess the kind of situation that you will be dealing with and working around in and this is something that you will be able to get if you go out of your way to show up at the wedding photo shoot around a couple hours earlier than expected. You will get to see things come together and you will be able to shoot some detailed shots as well. More than that, you will be more aware about which spots are the most conducive for great looking pictures as well. This is a little bit of extra effort on your end but it will always be well worth it.


You have to understand that the aspect of being able to go ahead and hire photo booth services is no walk in the park.

photo booth hireYou will need to go ahead and go through a lot of things before you come up top and with nothing but the best of the best options available out there. People hire photo booth services all the time and with good reason. It is something exciting and interesting to have in parties and events. People will always have great time when there’s a photo booth service hired for the party or for the event. This is one of the most in demand services out there and it comes as no surprise why things can be a bit pricey leaning more towards the high end side of things. You have to understand as well that there are special tools and equipment involved and this is what you need to go ahead and pay for as well because the operator will always factor something like that in the costs. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to get the most value out of your money every single time. There are still a bunch of other things that you can go ahead and check out while you are at it.

There has always been an issue between hiring by the hour and hiring per shot.

If you are looking to get the best bang for every buck, go for the by the hour package. You will never really know or you will never really be able to control the number of shots that people take and this can be a bad thing if you are being charged on a per shot basis. Things can easily blow up and spiral out of your control and you might end up spending too much money for the hire photo booth services that you opted for. Being charged by the hour gives you some kind of control over the overall expenses. You can even arrange for the photo booth to just be during the first 2 hours of the event, when everyone starts coming in, just so that they have something to remember the event by the end of it all. There are no set limits on the arrangements that you can come up with when you hire photo booth services. It is all a matter of finding the right approach or the right kind of way for you to go ahead and get things checked out when it all comes down to it.

Another thing that you need to pay attention to when you hire photo booth services is the aspect of props.

Props can be fun and they can be theme appropriate but in the same way, they can turn out to be a bit of a nuance as well. This is particularly true for props that don’t really go well with the theme of the event that you are trying to bring together. Advise the operator about this concern in particular and try to get a rundown of the props that he is planning to bring along to the event so that you can get your thoughts aired out about the things that you find appropriate and those that you do not.


It is technically just a label.

commercial photographyHow commercial photographers gain success in their field is commendable, to say the least and it can be easy to feel intimidated as a starter photographer. Here are a few things for you to keep in mind. The first thing that you need to know about commercial photography is the fact that it is all technically just a label and there is no need for you to get intimidated by it. When it all comes down to it, you have to understand that commercial photography is a fairly vague and ambiguous term and something that you should go ahead and check out as much as you possible can. Getting a few tips somewhere along the way can really help you draw a clearer picture of what commercial photography is all about. It is actually not all as technical as you would have initially marked it out to be.

You are technically one of those commercial photographers already if you are receiving bookings in exchange for money. Regardless of the kind of niche that you are aiming for when it all comes down to it, the fact remains that you are already practicing it if you have been booking clients already for the longest time running. This is something that will make things so much easier for you to go ahead and check out at the end of the day. Anything and everything related to professional photography or anything that is related to paid photography is directly related to commercial photography in general. Try to keep that in mind all of the time. Try not to forget it either. The next time you are feeling a bit intimidated and the next time you end up feeling as if you are but a small fry in a sea of big fishes, remind yourself again and again that this is what you have been doing for the longest time running. You just didn’t know it yet or you were just operating on a completely different name but it is all the same.

Pay attention to your quote.

The quote is not something that you can just throw around casually. You need to make sure that whatever happens, you get to study things closely down to the minute details as much as possible. You can’t afford to play around with the concept of the quote. Calculate all of your overhead expenses as well as all of the hours that you are putting in and draw out a comfortable margin of profit. At the end of the day, you need to make sure that whatever you end up doing, it will all be worth it in the end. That is really all there is to it. There is no point in going after a career in commercial photography if you will not be able to make a decent living out of it in the long run. At the same time,

Work on your pitch and always over deliver on those promises.

The pitch will be the deal closer and this is why you should really pay attention to the kind of pitch that you are able to deliver to your clients whenever you are proposing something to them for as far as the commercial photography deal is concerned.


You should constantly play around with the way that you capture your photos during the wedding.

wedding photographer in hampshireThis already goes without saying once you get hired as someone’s wedding photographer. Do not confine yourself to a certain mold or to a certain box when it all comes down to it. Make it a point to always check things out the right way whenever you are thinking about the kind of angles and the kind of concepts that you need to check out and the creative ideas that you need to go ahead and apply all throughout the progression of the photo shoot. You need to make it a point to always get things checked out the right way the entire time that you are there as the official wedding photographer.

Do not be afraid to experiment with the tricks and with the different things that you can try out when you are shooting pictures of the wedding as a wedding photographer in Hampshire. The more variety you are able to inject in your photos, the better things will turn out to be. There is no such thing as a wrong or right approach. For as long as it is something that comes off looking great in the overall final finished photos, you should be able to pull things off just fine the entire time that you are working on it.

Shallow depth of field

This is a kind of strategy that will allow you to focus more on the subject and make the subject come out looking as if the subject is about to jump out of the picture. This is something that can really end up looking romantic. The take on a shallow depth of field is something that can make the photos come out looking interesting especially if you are trying to check out couple shots. This is something that can make the photos look great. Try to go ahead and figure out this particular kind of setting when you are playing around with details that you can put into the wedding photo shoot. This is what you should be looking into. A lot of the different couples out there actually go ahead and look forward to shots like these when it all comes down to it. If you don’t know how to figure things like these out, check them out through online sources. There are a lot of tutorials and a lot of other materials out there that will more or less allow you to learn about how to properly adjust the shallow depth of field in your camera.

Black and white

This kind of color scheme is something that can turn out to work really well for you and for the reception party photos during the wedding photo shoot. A black and white color scheme can turn out to be something really interesting looking and classy. It is a vintage take on things and it is something that will really make your photos come out looking interesting. Try it out and see how things turn out.



wedding photographyIf you keenly observe how wedding photographers based in Hampshire shoot weddings, they usually try to keep their distance as much as possible. People don’t like it when you come in too close to them all of the time, especially when you are someone who is completely unfamiliar to them. This is something that you need to seriously think about because without the right kind of approach, you might end up messing up your wedding photo shoot altogether. Try to go by unnoticed as much as you possibly can. What this means is that you should try to keep your distance as much as possible. Try to move to the back end of the room and try to observe things and capture your shots through the use of a well placed telephoto lens. Wedding shots should mostly be closeups and this is something that you will still be able to pull off even from a distance for as long as you are equipped with a telephoto lens. It also helps if you bring a tripod along with you to help stabilize your camera while you are shooting away. Long lenses can be tricky and they tend to make the camera shake a little bit.

Inner wedding circle

It has also been a practice for wedding photographers based in Hampshire to try to get to know the inner wedding circle as much as possible. The inner wedding circle is usually comprised of bridesmaids and groomsmen and close friends and relatives. You need to establish close ties with them or at least get acquainted with them in the best possible ways as much as possible. This will ensure that you have people that you can tap into and reach out to in case you have a bit of a hard time trying to contact the bride and the groom. When you have people standing in as proxies for the bride and groom, you get some kind of support group together without even them knowing about it. At the end of the day, every little thing helps and every little thing matters. This is what you need to try to remember all the time.

White wedding dress

The aspect of shooting the white wedding dress the right way is also extremely important. The white wedding dress is something that the camera tends to see mistakenly all the time and this is what you need to do something about as much as possible. The camera sees the wedding dress as something that can turn out to be a little too bright instead of something that just tends to have a little too much white. In that sense, the camera will automatically adjust the dress, making it appear duller and unappealing. This is something that you can fix right then and there by adjusting the positive exposure compensation settings of your camera.

Memory space and batteries

You should also make sure that you always have the right amount of supplies all the time in the form of memory space and batteries. Don’t allow yourself to ever run out of either one when you are in the middle of a shoot. It can be very tough to get out and try to get additional supplies the moment that you run out so you might as well avoid the scenario completely while you can.


If you want to be a hit in wedding photography, you need to learn the intricacies of the inner workings of natural light.

wedding photographyWhat you need to understand when it all comes down to it is the fact that this is something that a lot of wedding photographers really swear by with. This is why you should seriously try it out and try to learn as much about it as you possibly can. Natural light really can bring out the best features of someone’s face. More than that, natural light takes next to nothing to set up. It is something that is already there in the first place. It really is more of making do or working with what you are being handed with in the first place. Natural light is something that can really make the entire scene pan out awash in all of the softness and broadness of really flattering light and that is something that you should really be able to take advantage of if you want your wedding photography shoot to turn out as a success. Observe natural light as much as you can in your daily life. It’s not an easy thing to figure out but you’ll get the hang of it the harder that you work on it.

Get a wedding photography contract set up.

A contract is something that can really formalize the wedding photography agreement that you are trying to draw up for your clients. You need to make sure that you are able to more or less cover all of the bases just so that you can get all of the possible risks mitigated as much as possible when it all comes down to it. Write a contract up and make sure that it is iron clad and fool proof as much as possible. If you aren’t too confident about your contract writing skills, then you should bring in the services of a professional lawyer. Get it proofread and make sure that everything is written out and laid out in the best possible way so that you and your business will always be protected when it all comes down to it.

You need to list down a timeline for the wedding photography project to make sure that you are always right on topic and to make sure that you will never veer too much away from what you are supposed to focus on. Planning really is your key to success when it comes to writing up the wedding photography timeline. Sure, there may be spontaneous events and moments in the wedding and although you should also make sure that they are well documented, your main focus should still be your timeline. You need to make sure that you are able to follow through on it no matter what happens. Talk to the bride because the bride is usually the best person to talk to with regards to sequences and timelines for the wedding.

Be prepared for any wedding photography emergencies.

They can happen all the time and any time and you need to have something to help solve it. Get some stain remover, some pins, some hair ties or so, and then a decorative hanger or so together for your emergency kit.


Take the time to get the vendor list together for your blog.

weddingsAs a wedding photographer, this is your chance to network out to the other people in the wedding service industry. The vendor list is basically just a list of the names of all of the wedding service providers that you have worked with in the wedding event. You should put in the live links that lead right up to their blogs as well on the side. This is a little bit of effort that a lot of people will really be able to appreciate. Surprisingly enough for you, people will be quite excited to return the favor for you and feature you as well in their blogs. Go around during the wedding. Just walk up to people and introduce yourself briefly. Exchange contact info or business cards and catalog all of the info that you have managed to collect. This will make things so much easier for you to get all of their info together. If the couple hired a wedding planner for the event, it will save you so much more time if you just talk to the wedding planner instead because they most likely have all of the wedding service providers’ info. Send them an email once you have posted your blog up telling them that they are part of the feature. They will most likely promote you in their pages as well. You are basically putting in the first piece of the domino and things will just start to roll from there.

Announce your new blog post on your social media accounts.

It will help improve your online presence as a Hertfordshire wedding photographer. Social media continues to be a bit of an underrated marketing platform that people tend to more or less are taking for granted and you should not be making this kind of mistake. Work on your social media presence and take things a day at a time. Your hard work will get to pay off in the long run and this is something that will really help give you the boost that you need.

Work on your image layout.

Every wedding photographer should know how to lay out his images correctly. Learn the mechanics of a professional looking image layout. There are a lot of online courses as well as wedding photography magazines and blogs that might teach you a thing or two about the right way for you to lay your images out. There are some images that deserve to be posted in full size while there are some that don’t. Take note of the little things because they will eventually pay off for you.

Tag your images included in your blog as a wedding photographer.

Put in the extra amount of effort to really tag the images that you post so that Google will be able to find a way to index your images so that people looking up searches that are more or less similar to your tags will be able to find your blog at the end of the day.


Ask for referrals from your other wedding photography clients.

wedding photographySometimes, all it really takes for you to close your next big client just right after you have finished off a job with a previous one would be for you to have a little bit of audacity to ask your previous client if there are any recommendations that he or she can make for your next booking. You have to keep in mind that most of these couples get married at roughly around the same phase in their lives, late 20s and early 30s. This stage in their lives is the perfect marrying age and they usually have friends and family at around the same age bracket so it is the perfect source for you to tap into. Strike while the iron is hot and take advantage of the timing wherein they are still quite over the moon about the results of your wedding photography shoot. This is something that you will really be able to profit a lot from for as long as you know how to lay your cards down on the table and that is the long and short of it all.

Let your wedding photography subjects have fun every once in a while.

Weddings are celebrations of two people coming together. Although it would be nice if you could more or less stick to a certain schedule of events, you will still need to leave some room behind for a little fun every now and then. If you want your images to come off with a spontaneous kind of vibe, then you will need to let spontaneous things happen as well. Natural looking photos are only of any value if they have a ring of authenticity to them at the end of the day and that is something that you should be aiming for as much as possible. Let people go through the usual chatter and fun and ruckus that usually come along with weddings and be there to document the moments as they pass by. This really is the best part of the whole setup and this is the best approach that you could ever go for.

Check out the wedding photo shoot in various angles.

The wedding photo shoot is something that you should have the right kind of variety into it and it is something that you should aim for if you can help it. Change up the angles as much as you can. Like a York wedding photographer, get up close and don’t be embarrassed if you need to be in weird looking positions like having to squat or having to lie on your belly just to get that perfect shot. Use different kind of lenses and play around with them as much as you possibly can. Make sure that you know how the lenses work and know the intricate details that come along with them. Take your time to really practice and to get to know how things work and how they don’t.

Seize the moment to take a breather in your wedding photography shoot.

Identify certain moments in the wedding wherein you don’t have to be behind your camera all of the time. Pick the moments for you to be able to relax every now. You will need to conserve your focus and your energy as much as possible.